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    Hefei Yi Tong loan company is in accordance with the people's Bank, relevant provisions of the Banking Regulatory Commission to set up, by the Anhui Provincial Government Finance Office for approval, in the Hefei high-tech zone area in legitimate business enterprises of specialized microfinance loans.

    company since established Hou, will is committed to service three agricultural, and service technology type SMEs development, in area within handle various small loan; Hefei fast should be pass loan company, and Hefei loan company, and Hefei small loan, and Hefei no mortgage loan, and Hefei personal loan, and Hefei short-term borrowing, and Hefei short-term loan, and Hefei small loan company, and Hefei no mortgage loan company, and Hefei mortgage loan, and Hefei property mortgage loan, and Hefei mortgage loans to small enterprises developme...

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